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Tubacex takes hit from oil & gas slowdown

Mention the Spanish stainless steel industry and one is likely to think first and foremost of Acerinox, one of the world’s largest stainless steelmakers with production facilities not only in Spain, but also in Malaysia, South Africa, and the USA.

Spain is also home to another world leader when it comes to stainless steel products, however. That company is Tubacex, the focus of this article and the world’s largest producer of stainless steel seamless tubes.

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Brazil the redeemer

Recently-released financial results from Europe’s stainless steelmakers painted a predictably grim picture. With nickel prices, and thus stainless steel prices, falling, large-volume buyers have had little appetite to restock, instead waiting for a clear bottom in prices. The pernicious effects of deflation in action.

That said, Aperam appears to be outperforming its peers this year. Why is this?

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It’s not often that The Economist runs a piece on the world’s steel industry but there is an interesting article this week on whether “peak steel” has been reached.

Looking at Chinese demand for steel…

China’s annual growth rate has slowed from double-digit figures to around 7%. The massive investments in infrastructure that the government unleashed as a stimulus response to the global financial crisis are subsiding. Property markets around the country are cooling fast, leaving developers with a nasty debt hangover.

The article goes on to detail the implications for prices, both of steel and its raw materials i.e. iron ore and is well worth a read for a good overview of the sector.

Acerinox leading the way in Europe’s stainless steel industry

Recently-released results from Europe’s stainless steelmakers showed a decline in margins for all three of the continent’s major producers – Acerinox, Aperam, and Outokumpu – during the final quarter of 2014.

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